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The following warranties are offered at Turbo Jewelers. 

Diamond Upgrade and Limited Warranty

The lifetime warranty we offer enables you to have an inspection every six months or so. Our limited warranty insures your diamond and jewelry from accidental wear or loss from its original appearance. This warranty does not cover theft  or purposeful damage other than normal wear. 

Complimentary Service 

We offer a service that is complementary to your diamonds and jewelry. We provide a free inspection and cleaning every six months. Any other repairs needed on accidental damage can be done for a minimal charge.

Trade-In Policy

We offer a trade-in program for all diamonds and jewelry purchased at Turbo Jewelers. Part of our trade-in policy includes diamonds such as white, pink, silver, etc., but we do not accept watches. Our trade-in program varies per item, so please contact us or visit us for more details. 

Limited Watch Warranty and Replacement

The watch warranty we offer is the Warranty Battery Program. With this program, you can expect to be given warranty for as long as (3) years from the purchase date on all batteries that were replaced at Turbo Jewelers. Our warranty applies to all watches that we can repair and restore. This warranty does not insure any damage caused by misuse or negligence of the user, as well as alteration not done by Turbo Jewelers employees.