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Gold, Coins & Silver Exchange

Gold, Coins & Silver Exchange

Looking for, “gold, coins, and Jewelry Buyers Near Me”

Here at Turbo Jewelers, we commit to providing excellent customer service and guarantee the best prices when it comes to appraising your gold and silver. With our secure location in Northridge, we are here to help you convert your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, jewelry, and coins into top dollars.

Cash for Gold phrases are everywhere, but people who will give you the most cash for your valuables are rare. We are one of those few.

Gold, Coins & Silver Exchange

It is important for our customers to have privacy in the process of appraising and selling their valuables. We are known for our honesty and excellence when handling your valuables. It is in our best interest for you to be present at the time of your appraisal, that way we can keep you in the loop with our competitive rates. 

Our friendly staff always provides a respectful and discreet evaluation of your gold and valuable items 

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Landline (818) 477-2678
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What we buy for top dollar: 

We buy gold in any form, or carat including jewelry & coins. We buy estate, vintage, and antique jewelry. We buy precious or semi-precious stones. We buy gold coins and bars. We buy items made of silver, including domestic and foreign silver coins & bars, flatware, and jewelry. We buy platinum and old pocket watches.

How to sell your jewelry, coins, silver and more… 

Make sure to have an appointment!

You can make an appointment for a private evaluation: 

We will evaluate your items and make you an offer. 

If you feel you want privacy while we are evaluating your valuables, then you are more than welcome to ask us for that privacy. We are more than happy to provide a private space for your consultation in our facility. 

If you would like to get rid of unwanted valuables or damaged pieces from your valuables, you can do so here at Turbo Jewelers. We wouldn't want you to bring in jewelry that is of sentimental value to you for $$$, so make sure that it is jewelry you wouldn't change your mind about. 

We encourage you to be open with better offers, but we can save your time by ensuring that your valuables are in good hands at Turbo Jewelers.

Please contact us if you need any help regarding Gold, Coins & Silver Exchange.

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