Ring Resizing

Ring sizing / resizing / repairing

Bring new life to your old rusty rings or damaged rings you’ve been waiting to repurpose. At Turbo Jewelers, our professional jewelers specialize in fulfilling your requests for sizing and repairing your ring, so it fits comfortably and securely on your finger. 

We have resized and repaired thousands of rings producing immaculate results that can only be achieved by highly skilled professionals. Allow us to show you our different methods of resizing and repairing to start wearing your jewelry with style and confidence again. 

It is recommended to come in sooner than later if your ring needs resizing. You may risk a high price if you lose your ring, or if it has to get cut off from being too tight. 

Does your wedding ring not fit anymore? Do you need to resize an engagement ring before the big day? We can help! 

Ring Resizing


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Our professional jeweler takes great care of your ring when it is smaller. With expert skill the appropriate/needed amount of metal is cut off from the bottom of the ring shank. Then it is safe to join and solder the pieces back together for the perfect ring.

In the case your ring contains gemstones, we are additionally careful of removing the gemstones, and resetting them after resizing. This step is important because it protects the gemstones from excess heat that is applied to the metal. Other types of rings that are handled with the same diligent care are rings with ornate designs. Without diligent care, the ring design could be disrupted and appear as a poorly made ring. 


To size a ring up our professional jeweler will add a new piece of metal to the ring. A matching metal is needed to add after the material is cut out. Then the parts are soldered together creating a larger ring that remains durable and intact. Despite the method used to resize, the result should be clean, smooth, and pristine. If you suffer from painful arthritis and it becomes troublesome to put on your ring with enlarged knuckles, then you are in good hands. Our jewelers at Turbo Jewelers are experts in expanding shanks, and applying other methods so you can wear your valuable and treasured rings again.

Removing Stubborn/Stuck Rings

A beautiful ring appears in your jewelry box. You haven't seen it in years!

As excited as you are, without thinking, you slide it right onto your finger. You admire it all day long, until it is time to take it off.

Although you never thought about taking it off when you first put it on, you start to panic once you realize it won’t budge as you try to take it off.

You feel unsettled, and try a million methods you saw online. Yet, none of them seem to work - how hopeless!

Worst case scenario is cutting your finger off right? No!

At this point, you may need professional help. We recommend going to a professional jeweler who is more than happy to help you cut ONLY the ring off. Here at Turbo Jewelers, we can do more than just save your finger but save your beautiful ring from any further damage - and we resize rings too!

How we cut off a ring

If you are in a situation where your ring is stuck on your swollen finger, then leave the ring alone and come to Turbo Jewelers. Trying to force the ring to come off will only make matters worse. Our store is open, and our professional jewelers can help remove the ring by cutting it off with our ring cutter. The ring cutter is a common tool used by jewelers that is specially made to safely cut off rings from fingers. A ring cutter resembles pliers, where one end is a rotating blade, and the other end is a hook used as a shield to protect your finger. The protective hook is placed between your finger and the ring, and the blade will be turned on by our professional jeweler to safely cut off the ring. If you know someone whose ring is stuck on their finger, let them know we offer services to remove/cut off rings.

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