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Jewelry Repair

Jewelry Repair

Since 1982, Turbo Jewelers is a trustworthy business formerly known as Sears Watch and Jewelry Repair Services. We have moved to a new location to handle all of your jewelry, watch, and iPhone repair needs. 

Whether it is a quick fix, or a whole restoration of your valuables, Turbo Jewelers always provides the highest level of skill. We handle your jewelry and valuables with care using our site state-of-the-art equipment.

Jewelry Repair

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One of our equipment is the latest laser technology which prevents large areas from being heated to repair. Alternatively, we use a computerized system that controls the laser beam to precisely pinpoint the target area heating only that small space. This repair method allows work to be done around heat-sensitive gemstones, and intricate parts avoiding risks of damage to the jewelry. 

A list of repairs, refinishing, and refurbishments we offer at Turbo Jewelers:  

  • Restoration
  • Redesign
  • Ring resizing
  • Stone re-setting or replacement
  • Pearl restringing
  • Prong retipping
  • Claw repairs
  • Shanks replacement on rings
  • Chain or bracelet soldering and repairs
  • New clasp fitting
  • Gemstone cleaning
  • Safety chain repair
  • Charms soldering
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Rhodium plating
  • And more!

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