High End Mechanical Watch Repair

High End Mechanical Watch Repair

Yes, you read right! Turbo Jewelers provides full services in repair and restoration on all high end watches, such as Rolex, Gucci, Baume Mercier, Cartier, and Louis Vuitton to name a few. Our well-equipped jewelers guarantee a secure, fast, and reasonably priced service. As with your jewelry, we provide a free evaluation of the high end watch repair cost estimation and the time that needs to be allotted. Consult with us by call, facetime, or appointment for more information to evaluate the repair your watch needs. Each watch varies with its needs, and we need to tangibly see the condition in order to give an accurate evaluation.




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Our High End Repair & Restoration Services

Our professional jewelers service all types of repairs for your striking high end watches. The services we provide at Turbo Jewelers will be listed down below.

  • Full Service- we pull apart the main part of the watch (the movement) and clean out oil and dirt with our tools designed to make this process as efficient. Then, we put the watch back together, lubricate, fix, re-case, and test the water pressure.
  • Partial Service- Simple clean out of oil and dirt. And if necessary battery replacement and test water pressure.
  • New Movement
  • Dial Restoration- We are careful to restore the dial to its original state when we replace and/or you choose to change the dial color. This should take about 3 weeks.
  • Bracelet Repair- Bring in all your high end watches, we guarantee that we can restore or repair the bracelet whether it is steel, gold, or a combination.
  • Refurbishment- The equipment we use for refurbishing is designed to neatly and carefully polish your watch. Making sure the finished product resembles the original appearance.
  • Battery Replacement- We can replace all your batteries for your high end watches. We make sure that your battery gets replaced in an efficient and fast manner as you wait.
  • New Glass Replacement-Don’t be afraid to ask if we can replace the glass section of your watch. We want you to leave satisfied!

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